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A Trust well earned

Dear Akshaya Supporters:

As some of you may be aware, interested parties had targeted our organization with unfounded allegations.  We are happy to inform all our supporters that the Madurai bench of the Madras high court has delivered their verdict on September 12, 2014 that exonerates Akshaya of all allegations. Akshaya's work of rescuing those who are helpless and caring for them will once again be able to continue.

Thanks to all those who stood by us during our darkest time.

Please contact us at info@akshayatrust.orgif you have any questions or concerns.

Akshaya on the world stage

HDNet World Covers Krishnan's Story


Akshaya In Indian Media

Times of India - City Times Bangalore

Narayanan Krishnan addressed students of IIM Bangalore on June 20th. Times of India carried a news article about this event. The student interacted with Krishnan and asked several questions. Please find the question and answer session in the following article.

>>>Times of India

TED Talks

To share Akshaya's experience Narayanan Krishnan travelles to Ahmedabad, Karaghpur, Mumbai and addressed several thousands of people during 2011 in India.

TEDx Gateway - Mumbai

>>>TEDx Gateway

kHABAR - South Asia

>>>Read the story online

CNN IBN Pays tribute to Real Heroes

>>>Real Heroes

Award for excellence

Akshaya won an award in India for Excellence on Sunday, January 1, 2012, and was awarded Rs.15,000.

>>> Read the story online

Food Samaritan

Indian Pearls: Food SamaritanTHE WEEK magazine, the largest-selling English news magazine in India, featured a full-page story of Narayanan Krishnan as a part of its cover story in the latest anniversary edition.

Krishnan is a CNN Heroes 2010 Award Winner and V-RYTHM Award 2011 recipient.

>>> Read the story online

>>> Download the article (pdf)

Enadu coverage

Akshaya is covered by a regional news paper a very prestigious news paper in that area in regional language.

>>> Read the story online

Akshaya in the World Media

HDNet world covers Krishnan's story

>>>Eat Pray Give - ABC Network

Coverage in Germany

Akshaya was covered in Germany and there have been several people contacting us because of this.

>>> Read the story online

Darpan magazine felicitates Krishnan

Darpan Magazine held a Gala night on September 30th, 2011 to recognize the work of Narayanan Krishnan. The magazine carried a story about the work of Narayanan Krishnan.

>>>Read the story online


Upcoming Events

Stay tuned. We will update as soon as we get some events set up.

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google hang outs

Akshaya hangs out on google with Narayanan Krishnan

>>>Narayanan Krishnan's first ever google hangout

akshaya blog posts

>>>Oct 7th, 2012

Akshaya USA presents Akshaya trust - set to the music of Fernando Dos Santos who donated his music to our cause.



"Welkom" Akshaya Nederland

We take great pleasure in welcoming the newest affiliate to Akshaya Trust — Akshaya Nederland.

Interest in Akshaya Trust and the work of Krishnan and his dedicated supporting volunteers has rapidly grown in the Netherlands, as well as many other parts of Europe. Volunteers dedicated to Akshaya's cause have taken up the task of forming the charitable entity Akshaya Nederland. A website and a Facebook link are being created so revisit this site frequently for more information about Akshaya Nederland.

>>> Contact Akshaya Nederland