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Who Is Akshaya USA - How Are They Related To Akshaya Trust India?

Akshaya USA was formed to support the Humanitarian efforts of Mr.Narayanan Krishnan in Madurai, India. Our mission is not just to support Mr.Krishnan with funds but to spread awareness of his vision and mission. We strongly urge all our supporters and donors to participate in their local communiites and live the mission of Mr.Krishnan and that is to help the helpless no matter who or where they may be..

Does Akshaya USA send out tax receipts?

Yes - Akshaya USA  sends out tax receipts via email where email addresses are provided to them.  All donations made via paypal get e-receipts. If you send a check , with no email you will get a paper receipt - please please ensure your correct address is on the check. We do not have the bandwidth to search for addresses. If you don't get a tax receipt please email us at info@akshayausa.org.

Donations made via Causes, Network for good or Just Give - please print out your tax receipts when you donate.

We wanted to post these thoughts as we have got these questions many times from our donors. Our Directors are volunteers and as donor ourselves fully understand the value of your dollar. We all work 9 to 5 (if we are lucky) and so we know the pain it takes to made every dollar. Akshaya USA takes great responsibility both morally and ethically to ensure that no money is wasted.


Your questions about Akshaya Trust answered

Who does akshaya trust feed ?

Akshaya feeds the mentally disabled and senior citizens who have been rendered homeless due to various situations and circumstances.

Where does Akshaya Trust get the food they distribute? 

Narayanan Krishnan and his team cook the food in a rented kitchen. Each meal - break fast, lunch and dinner is cooked with fresh produce. The food is then carried in Akshaya's van and distributed to the homeless beneficiaries who live on the streets of Madurai.

How Do you differentiate between a beggar and a mentally disabled person?

There are two types of people on the roads - Beggars and the Mentally disabled. Beggars know they are hungry and to ask for food the mentally disabled more often than not do not know that they are hungry and may not even eat when the food is placed before them.

Does Akshaya have any religious affiliations?

No - Akshaya (chapters across the world)  is a non religious, non race based organization. To us all humans belong to the human race and religion.